The RAZR Hub Ecosystem

Digital Manufacturing meets blockchain & crypto currency within a unique ecosystem

Founded upon cooperation within a trust based commercial ecosystem and industry collaboration. At the heart of the 4th Industrial Revolution is the extensive use of digital technologies from design, additive manufacturing and digital simulation bringing true efficiencies to industry, now further enhanced by smart contract, crypto powered blockchain based ecosystems.

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Blockchain Supply Chain

By Decentralising the supply chain the RAZR Hub can offer immutable supply chain transactions within a private blockchain that supports assests such as invoice payment, service agreements, technical data, securely offers.

Backing & Finance Gateway

This gateway will be a facilitator for making connections with established (regulated) experts and businesses specialising in the full range of funding for businesses from access to debt finance to assisting with an STO/ICO guided by authorised and accredited partners.

Tokenised Ecosystem

A dedicated custom utility created specifically for motivating the use of the ecosystem between suppliers, OEM's and all RAZR Hub partner cohorts.

Digital Manufacturing

Supporting of digital manufcaturing is at the heart of the RAZR Hub by showcasing the digital enhancements in design, additive manufacturing and simulation allowing efficiencies in time and materials as well as ultimate bespoking of complex products.

Funding & Backing Gateway

Short-term and long-term funding is essential for any business and the ecosystem will provide 3rd party connection funding via equity, debt and corporate finance, Grant Application, R&D credits, business plan creation, IPO and TSE provision.

Digital Manufacture Gateway

The RAZR Hub will ehnance and motivate the use of digital technologies for design, VR, CFD simulations, additive manufacturing such as sintering and 3D printing to deliver time and cost efficiencies to the manufacturing process and client/product relationship.

Skills Acquisition Gateway

An integral and essential part of the RAZR ecosystem is the skills aquisition gateway that will act as a focus for talent within the industry to connect with businesses where user profiles can be built and reviewed to locate talent and inspire performance improvements.

Blockchain supply chain

The RAZR Hub supply chain will be based upon blockchain technology with an open source ethos to us and development to provide significant efficiencies available to all cohorts and partners and will become the template for technology sharing.

Real-Time Build

To build and evolve the RAZR ecosystem will be interconnected into Sarthe Special Vehicles allowing unique access to the building of ultra-sports cars dominated by digital manufacturing techniques and practices.

Inspire the young

At the heart is the desire of the RAZR Hub is the desire to inspire young people into the exciting opportunities within the 4th Industrial Revolution that demands super skilled talent that needs to be fed by young engineers.

Primary Cohort - Sarthe Special Vehicles

The Real-Time digital manufacture of ultra sports cars.

To truly test and develop the RAZR ecosystem, ultra-sports cars will be built under the name of Sarthe Special Vehicles. The Sarthe product range is inspired by Le Mans cars of the past but built with the technology of the future that will evolve specifically utilising the RAZR ecosystem to showcase not only the advantages of blockchain but also the extensive use of digital manufacturing, efficiancies and flexibility.

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Contact us for further information on how you can get involved with the ecosystem if you are an OEM, supplier or just interested in connecting with us.


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